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(Glenview, IL) November 24, 2018: is pleased to announce the selection of Bruce Claver as one of only 100 Quora users to appear in a soon to be released French book from publisher Robert Laffont.  The yet to be titled publication is partnering with Quora en français (the French version of in the distribution and promotion of the book.   The book will feature 100 answers to various questions as seen on Claver answered the question (submitted by a Quora user), “Is it bad to request handicap rooms in hotels since the bathrooms are usually twice as big?"


"As part of our mission to share and grow the world's knowledge, we are proud to announce a new partnership initiative for next year" (2020), said Quora en français', Sihem Fekih.


Distribution will happen only in the designated French-speaking markets to the French-speaking audiences in Europe and in Canada. Licensing (the translated version and the distribution of the collection) will be limited to a print copy in the markets in which it will be sold, and there will be no digital copy of this collection. Mr. Laffront will handle all translations, which will also be reviewed by Quora's internationalization team.

Recognized by Quora as one of their elite "Top Writers" for 2018, Claver answers questions on how customer service standards found in five star hotels can easily be implemented in business’ outside hospitality. He also answers general hospitality questions, and advises on implementing steps to develop, nourish, and retain customer relationships to strengthen brand loyalty.  Claver currently has over 6.25 million views on


For more information on Bruce Claver, visit or

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