5 Misconceptions That Will Surprise a First-time Hotel Owner/Manager

Mike Diamond asked, "What unexpected things will surprise a first time hotel owner or manager?" Where to begin, right? Here are InsightfulServices.com list of 5 misconceptions...

  1. If you build it, they will come.

-not without a marketing Plan

  1. If you pour money into a beautiful property design, they will return.

-not without service

  1. If you hire friendly staff, you are providing hospitable service

-not without extensive training

  1. If you train once, your staff will always provide service your guests appreciate

-not without on-going daily training

  1. If your goal is to make money first and provide customer service second, you will succeed. --You will fail.

Ask yourself this, "Does revenue drive customer service or does customer service drive revenue?" The goal of every business even non-profits, is to make money. What is not always appreciated is that your guests experience is directly related to your gross revenue. Give your customers a fabulous experience and they will look forward to returning again and again then share their experience with their friends. Revenue will flow effortlessly into your bank account, as long as you adhere to point #1. Customer service will always drive revenue, either upward or downward. So many businesses simply do not understand that.

When you choose to be greedy, don't reinvest, and suck the lifeblood out of your employees by making them work long hours with low wages, you can expect your support to collapse as employees, guests, and investors jump ship. You end up on a merry-go-round of interviewing, training and terminating employees. You are always on the hunt for new guests, and you are living in fear of your investors dropping out and never supporting you again.


Take care of those,

you wish to take care of you,

and those you take care of,

will truly come through.


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