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23 Red Flag Warnings:

It's Time to Book a Training Workshop

on Customer Service:

  1. Employees are texting and using their phones when there are customers that can see them.

  2. Employees are taking a smoke break where customers can see them.

  3. Employees are joking with each other when there are customers present.

  4. Employees are eating where customers can see them.

  5. Telephones are not answered within 4 rings.

  6. When the telephone is answered and the employee needs to finish with a customer, the customer on the phone is not asked if they could be placed on hold or get their phone number to call back when the lines die down.

  7. Callers are not on hold for more than FOUR minutes.

  8. When a caller is taken off hold, the caller is not thanked for their patience.

  9. When a call is picked up (or picked up from hold), the employee does not introduce themself.

  10. Employees are not using the 5/10 rule for greeting employees

  11. When a customer walks up to the counter, the employee does not immediately stop what they are doing to address the customer.

  12. When a line forms for checking out, the customers are not acknowledged, informed that "one of us will be with you momentarily."

  13. Customers are not thanked for their patience after waiting (in line.)

  14. When an employee is assisting a customer and another customer asks for assistance, the employee only says, "I'm already helping someone" (or words to that effect) rather than politely informing the customer that s/he is with another customer but will be finished shortly or call another employee to assist the customer.

  15. When a customer asks where an item is located and the employee points in the general direction rather than walking the employee to the location.

  16.  Employees do not bother to call another employee to assist a customer when they are busy with a customer themselves.

  17. Customers are not thanked for their business or encouraged to return.

  18. Customers are not addressed by their (last) name if the employee has access to learn it.

  19. Employees are wearing clothes that appear to look as though the employee just rolled out of bed.

  20. Hair (including facial for men) is not properly maintained.

  21. Body odor (need I say more?)

  22. A name tag is not worn when one is required.

  23. When a customer has a complaint, the employee does not actively listen, empathize, take responsibility for the issue, or apologize, even if the issue concerns another employee.



If you answered, "Yes" to SEVEN or more of these red flags (a score of 70%), then its time to make a no-brainer of a decision to either get your team into a customer service workshop or hire a specialist to bring the workshop to your store. 


​Insightful Service Helps By Teaching:

  • How to build relationships with customers so they return again and again.

  • How Soft Selling your products & services is the best way to win more sales, more referrals, and more repeat business.

  • Service standards that will have your competitors take notice.


...and much more.

Contact Insightful Service below to learn more details. 

Time to truly push your employees into a cohesive

team and be the very best at what they do.

Are you ready to take your

customer service standards to a higher plateau? 

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