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Why Insightful
Why Insightful Service? 

As a business leader, teaching your team the true methods of executing exceptional customer service as you know it, can be a real test of your patience while you become more and more frustrated as you struggle to get your employees to understand the concept of building relationships with customers and why it is the key to customer retention and brand loyalty.


Repeat customers are the true test of the success of the employee's sales aptitude and your overall customer service training.

Your repeat customers are the "low-hanging fruit" and the cheapest and best form of marketing and promotion for your business. That makes training your team on the specifics of exceptional customer service, absolutely critical.


Inexperienced trainers can make the common error of Instructing employees with hyperboles, metaphors, and examples that fall flat. Saying, "Treat every customer the way you would want to be treated" or "Give all the customers the BEST service" are only empty words with no clear or specific definition. Your employees come from diverse backgrounds and one employee's interpretation of "BEST" will vary far & wide from another employee's interpretation of the same word.


With Insightful Service, employees and managers tie everything together to form a cohesive and customer-centric team. They are not only trained on what your company vision statement or mantra is, but also action steps are demonstrated to insure everyone on the team is saying the same thing and interacting with your customers with a consistent level of professionalism. We clearly communicate your expectations then demonstrate how to achieve them.


Hurdles Can Be Conquered:

There are three key hurdles a business has to overcome in order

to be successful with their customer service program  and

drive repeat business with brand loyalty. 











Learn what it means to be the best in your field of work.

Is your business ready to be truly exceptional?


23 Red Flag Warnings That it Might Be

Time to Facilitate a Training Workshop

1)  Defining what customer service means for your specific business.​

2)  Training your team on how your definition is accomplished.


3)  Repeat steps 1 & 2 over and over, forever.

An internal culture change that focuses squarely on the needs

and happiness of the customer will no doubt be encouragement enough for customers to return.

Insightful Service...
  • Facilitates half day and full day customer service workshops for your entire management team and employees. 
  • Facilitates an open forum of involvement to engage and involve participants in the learning process.
  • Defines what exemplary service means, what it feels like, looks like, and even sounds like. 
  • Prepares & coaches your team in how business relationships are established and are the key to executing exemplary service in your business market. 
  • Offers discreet quality assurance (QA) audits on service standards and store condition (if applicable.)
  • Reviews your S.O.P's. Advises on improvements based upon a best practices approach for customer service.​
  • Holds live lectures, seminars and speaking engagements for your club, conference, organization, networking event, classroom, etc.
​Insightful Service...
                       Demonstrates to Your Team the Benefits of:
  • Practicing a set of service standards that is followed by everyone on the team, not just a few.
  • Being consistent with customers leads to successful business relationships, repeat business, referrals, and more sales.​​​​
  • Building customer relationships​​​ and how it builds brand loyalty.
  • Being proactive, reducing or nearly eliminating negative reviews before they are written and posted online, directly having an impact on KPI.
Insightful Service.
Passionately Inspiring You to Success
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