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Presentations, Lectures, and Workshop/Training Topics
20, 30, 45-Minute Session Topics

*My 30 & 45 minute sessions include interactions with the audience. 


1.     3 things your employees say & do to encourage customers to visit your competition.

2.     These red flags are signals that your team needs customer service training, now.        


3.     Your Mission Statement and employee actions; the great divide.     


4.     The secret ingredients to exceptional service; standards, testing, & S.O.P.'s  


5.     Culture in the workplace; how to define yours and make it stick.


6.     Sir, YOUR CREDIT CARD IS DECLINED!             Delivering bad news to customers


7.     Exceptional service; Think your team knows what it is? An interactive presentation.   

8.     You've received a poor online review. Now what?

9.      Food for Thought...Your competition sells what you sell, set yourself apart. Here's how...

10.    "WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY TO THAT CUSTOMER????" The benefits of conducting a secret audit and how to set one up, conduct it, score it, and what to do with the results.

11.    Introduction to the Hallmarks of Personalized, Effortless and Exceptional Service Standards.

12. Companies that know a thing or two about customer service and what we can learn from them.



                                        LETS  AUDIT YOUR BUSINESS


  • ​We secret shop your business including staff helpfulness & knowledge

  • We meet with owners to review the secret shop including an informal SWOT analysis that is based on the shop. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)


  • Using your S.O.P.'s (standard operating procedures), a secret quality assurance audit (second secret shop) is completed and given a baseline score. (if sop's are not available, we use a standardized Insightful Service SOP)

  • A general outline of the workshop is sent to you for review & approval as well as our requirements for success.

  • With training completed, we discuss strategies with the management team to insure your team begins using and continues to use that high degree of performance and customer service skills. 

          *Optional return visit to conduct a secret audit is available


Insightful Service

digs down to the very root cause of what is happening in your

business environment that reflects poorly on the customer's feelings

and experience. We take active steps with your team to correct the cause.

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Audit your business

**Projects are accepted from business owners who are completely committed to setting their business standards apart from the competition.

Insightful Service.
Passionately Inspiring You to Exceptional
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