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Transform Colorless Customer Service.

Abandon Excellent.

Embrace Exceptional.


Exceptional Customer Service.

Driven by Design, Pursued with Purpose.

Exceptionally Embraced.

Employees Who Fail to Meet Customer Expectations,

Risk Their Customers Checking out the Competition.

Don't Risk Letting Go of Your Customers to Your Competitors.


Customers and Loyalty Are NOT Synonymous


The Cost of Acquiring a New Customer is Significant.

Calculate Your "​Cost to Acquire a Customer" (CAC)

Take Your Entire Cost of Sales and Marketing Over a Given Period, Including Salaries and Other Headcount Related Expenses, and Divide it By the Number of Customers That You Acquired in That Period. 


Can Your Employees Do a Better Job of 

Meeting the Expectations of Your Customers?

Yes? Insightful Service Wants to Work With You. 

33% [of Americans] say they’ll consider switching   companies after just a single instance of poor service.
-American Express
          71% of consumers surveyed agreed that employees have a significant impact on their [shopping] experience.
            79% of consumers surveyed agreed they would stop doing  business with a company if an employee had a bad attitude or was not friendly.
-PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
Poor Customer ServiceFalling Short of Expectations
Will Always Have a Direct & Significant Impact on
the Eventual Success or Failure of All Businesses.
-Insightful Service
Insightful Service Guiding Principle

 "The finest & best possible  customer service begins

with senior leadership who immerse their team in a culture entirely focused on the complete and unwavering satisfaction

of the customer's experience with the products, the services and those with whom the customer meets and interacts."

-Bruce Claver

Insightful Service


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Bruce Claver is a Customer Experience Strategist, Consultant, Training Specialist. Writer, and Speaker who has facilitated over 150 workshops attended by over 2,000 business leaders, owners, managers, and front-line employees on how to implement & maintain an effortless experience for customers and transform them into brand loyal clients.
Bruce’s background & experience in hospitality operations, SOP development, and training have evolved from over 25 years with the best known management teams in hospitality, in several different capacities at properties such as the #1 rated casino resort in the U.S., Caesars Palace, the #1 rated city hotel in the U.S., the Ritz-Carlton -Four Seasons Chicago, and the #1 rated private city club in the U.S., The Union League Club of Chicago.

Bruce was awarded “Top Writer” on (over 41 million visitors per month) where over 6.25 million users from around the world have read his advice and opinions focusing on exceptional customer service and other service related subjects.  His advice & opinions have been featured on dot com websites such as Forbes, inc, Huffpost, BusinessInsider, Foxnews, Applenews, MSN, Bravo, and many more.

Bruce Claver

First and Most Importantly,

Thank You for Visiting  Insightful Service.


I Am Ready to Begin Working With You.

Our Partnership Will Transform Your Customer Service Practices & Protocols to a New, Exciting, and Higher Standard of Service for Your Customers.  


I Have a Passion for Writing About Customer Service Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and I've Always Believed That No Matter What, Every Policy and Procedure in Every Department Needs to Be Written With the Customer Experience in Mind.


"How Will This Affect the Customer?" 

This One Guiding Principle Seems to Have Interest Around the World and Really Sets the Bar Specifically Where Employees Can See it, Very High. 


Over 6.25 MILLION Readers, or 86,000 Visitors per Month, Currently Read or Have Read My Advice & Opinions on How to Embrace the Characteristics of Exceptional Customer Service, Hotel Service Hacks, The Hospitality & Travel Industry and Other Related Subjects. 

Have a Peak at:

But it is Leading Others to Success Through Group Training & Facilitation Where I Enjoy Making a

Difference Most. Lets Begin With You...

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True Customer Service Will Always Be

Effortless, Exemplary, Exceptional.

Insightful Service Will Train You, Your Managers, and Staff the True Definition of "Exceptional Service" Based Upon Best Pratices.

Prospective Customers, Existing Customers, and the

Future Success of All Businesses Depend On Training

Employees on what Defines Authentic Customer Service.

The time is today

not next week, not next month.

Commit today. See the Changes Tomorrow.