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There is a Secret "Customer Service Formula"
That the Most Successful Businesses Have
Used For Over 100 YEARS and It Keeps
Customers Coming Back.

It Has Nothing to Do With Luck and It's Not Chance.
It is a Specific Way of Doing Business and I want
to Share the Secret With You, Your Team,
or at Your Next Networking Event.

Move From Good Customer Service to
Exceptional Customer Service,
This is Insightful Service.

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When Your Employee Fails to Build
Rapport or Meet Customer Expectations, 
You Risk Losing Your Customers to the Competition
and The Cost of Acquiring a New Customer is Significant.

33% [of Americans] said they would consider switching companies immediately after a single instance of poor service.
-American Express
 71% of consumers surveyed agreed that employees have a significant impact on their [shopping] experience.
79% of consumers surveyed agreed they would stop doing business with a company if an employee had a bad attitude or was not friendly.

Poor Customer Service, 
and Falling Short of Expectations Will
Always Have a Direct & Significant Impact on
the Eventual Success or Failure of Your Business.

What is Insightful Service?


Facilitates Workshops That

Heightens Management's and Employee's Awareness

of Exceptional Service:

  • The Qualities That Define it. 

  • The Company Culture Needed for Success. 

  • The Distinction Your Business Needs From the Competition.

  • How to Lead the Competition, Not follow.



  • CAC Decreases

  • Repeat Business Increases

  • Churn Decreases

  • Positive Online Reviews Increase

  • More Referrals

  • Employee Moral Increases

  • Bragging Rights for Being the Leader in Your Vertical Market. 

Refresh & Train Your Team's

Customer Service Perspective, Attitude

and Approach to a Client-Driven Mission

Workshops Are Interactive and Facilitated On-Site

With One to Three-Hour Sessions Available.


Learn How Standard Operating Procedures & Best Practices

Developed for Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Private Clubs, and Luxury

Automobile Sales & Service Will Transform Your Team into Ambitious Customer & Service Focused Leaders in Your Industry.

The Insightful Service
Foundation & Guiding Principle

(The Essence of How We Define Ourselves)

The finest & best possible customer service begins with the senior leader
of the company who immerses his/her team in a culture entirely focused on 
the complete and unwavering satisfaction 
of the custo
mer's experience with the products, the services, and those with whom the customer meets and interacts.
                     -Bruce Claver, Insightful Service

Are You Ready to Make This Statement Yours and Own it??

Guiding Principle
Core Principle

Bruce Claver,
a Featured Writer on these websites

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My name is Bruce Claver and I have been in the luxury hospitality & automotive market for over 25 years. 


I am a Customer Experience Strategist, Training Specialist, Writer, and Speaker who has facilitated over 150 workshops attended by over 2,000 business leaders, owners, managers, and front-line employees who have learned how to implement & maintain an effortless experience for customers and transform them into brand loyal clients.
How did I gain this insight?

My background in hospitality operations and training development has evolved from my many years with the very best management teams in hospitality.

  • Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

        #1 rated casino resort in the U.S. 


  • The Ritz-Carlton (Four Seasons Chicago) 

        #1 rated city hotel in the U.S.


  • The Union League Club of Chicago

        #1 rated private city club in the U.S.​

In 2018, I was honored to be one of the very few people awarded “Top Writer” on (over 80 million visitors per month) where over 9 million users from around the world have read my advice and opinions focusing on exceptional customer service and other service-related subjects.

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Bruce Claver

Let's Begin Your Training, Right Now:

Lesson #1


Before any policy, with every procedure, in every department, the following must be

asked & addressed:



"What Effect Will This (New) Policy

Have On the Customer?" 


This one guiding principle is crucial for the success

of all businesses with customers.


A customer's degree of happiness boils down to

one main characteristic:

How Do Your Policies Make Them Feel?

If Your Employees All Have a Different Definition of Exceptional (or even good) Customer Service, You Need to Contact Me Now for a FREE Consultation.

Can Business Owners Afford to Ignore
the Critical Importance of Investing in Their
Employees by Not Providing Ongoing Training
on  Both Building and Retaining Customer Relationships?

The Problem
Your Google+ and Yelp customer reviews are less than flattering due to your less-than-perfect customer service.

It's time to  be proactive before the next poor review gets posted.

It's time to get a training specialist who can turn things around quickly and efficiently.

 Your Solution
Insightful  Service

Insightful Service facilitates 1-4 hour interactive workshops that
dive deep into the roots & science of emotional buying decisions
in the world of retail.  

Management and employees learn how to greet, be proactive, establish expectations, build relationships, and much more.

Management attendees receive extra time and bonus material that ensures the days training is implem
ented stays consistent,
and remains fresh in the minds of all employees.
True Customer Service
Will Always Be

Prospective Customers, Existing Customers, and the
Future Success of All Businesses Depend On Training
Employees on what Defines Authentic Customer Service.

The time is today not next month.
Commit today. See the Improvement Tomorrow.

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